MAREL d.o.o. was founded in 1994 and since then its main business activity has been production of cable lugs, joints, accessories for LV non-insulated networks up to 1 kV, LV ABC accessories and other cable accessories. The production is done in our own factory where the quality control of all segments of manufacturing process comes first: from raw material purchasing to processing and assembly of the final product, as well as its appropriate packing.

Products/Services: Cable Lugs and Joints, Accessories for LV Non-Insulated Networks, LV ABC Accessories, Insulated Piercing Connectors, Accessories for ADSS and Telecommunication Cables, Marel Universal Terminals Class A, Network protection devices for LV ABC
Production capacities: Production processes take place in modern space of 2000 sq m and consist of the following sectors: Non-ferrous metals foundry with forge; Plant for molding of thermoplastics; Pressing plant with maintenance section; Mechanical metal processing plant with tool room; Assembly and packaging section; Testing Laboratory; Offices
Export markets: In 67 countries around the world and we list only some of them: Dubai, Israel, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Vietnam, Peru, Malaysia, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Algeria, Uruguay, Turkey, Uganda, Italy, Slovakia, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria
Standards and certifications: MAREL is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

A: Veliko Golovode bb, 37000 Kruševac, Serbia
P: +381 37 35 66 266
M: +381 62 75 70 32