MD Invest 011

The company MD Invest 011 doo from Novi Sad was founded a few years ago primarily as an investment company whose main activity is the construction of multifamily residential and residential-commercial buildings, but also to participate in the implementation of infrastructure projects throughout the Republic of Serbia and the wider SFRY(sewerage, gas distribution and accompanying construction facilities). MD Invest 011 built its first facilities in one of the most attractive locations in the mountain of Zlatibor, and then directed its business plans to our capital city, Belgrade and the main town of AP Vojvodina-Novi Sad.

Our company is recognizable for the efficiency, safety, speed and quality that inevitably characterize our work. In addition to the basic elements related to construction, we should emphasize the adequate attitude towards the customer, which primarily refers to top quality, respect for standards and deadlines, thanks to which we slowly gain the trust of clients and professional associates as a company with accelerated development and expansion. For that reason, our company has so far successfully realized all the planned investments in housing construction. The company consists of a reliable and secure team where each of the employees has a specific job description for which he is in charge.

At the end of this short presentation, we would like to point out that our plans for future are related to the implementation of several projects in the city of Belgrade (the deadline for their completion is 2027), and the construction of residential and residential-commercial buildings in the city municipalities of Belgrade – Zvezdara, Vracar, Savski Venac, New Belgrade as well as investments in one large project in the wider city of Novi Sad.

Simply MD INVEST 011 is equal to security, so do business with us!

A: Branka Bajića 9A/27, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
P: +381 21 63 21 375
M: +381 64 20 00 948
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