Meeliana is a SaaS platform that is on a mission to create an ecosystem of self-maintaining “smart buildings. Its secret is in digitizing all building’s processes combined with IoT devices and AI in order to obtain & analyze real-time data, run simulations, make better decisions, and drive optimal outcomes. Buildings powered by it will become fully autonomous entities that are able to schedule their own maintenance, optimize resource consumption or even get “over-the-air” updates.


  • subscription based platform
  • property management tool
  • integration with utility companies and automatic data synchronization, like bills
  • accounting of building’s financials,
  • generates invoices and keeps track of payments, bills, etc
  • analyzes real-time data and provides better insights in building’s usage
  • provides an easy and automatic way to detect problems
  • gives an easy way for property managers to communicate with tenants
  • integration with maintenance companies

Export markets: Entire world but primarily focused on the EU and USA at the moment

A: Vojvode Tankosića 5/27, 18000 Niš, Serbia
P: +381 69 11 15 796
M: +381 63 86 68 395