Business company “Mičelini” d.o.o. Valjevo was founded in 1992. The main areas of activity of the company are forestry, water management and landscaping of free areas. Within these areas, the most important activities are: execution of works on the use and cultivation of forests, execution of anti-erosion (torrent) works (construction and biological), construction works on water management facilities as well as their maintenance, flood defense, landscaping works, maintenance green areas, design and consulting in the field of forestry, water management and green areas.

The headquarters of the company is in Valjevo, but most of its activities are performed outside its headquarters, on the entire territory of the Republic of Serbia and AP Vojvodina. The most important investors are: JVP Srbijavode, VPC Sava-Dunav, JP Srbijašume, SHG Belgrade, JP Vojvodinašume, SHG Banat Pančevo and SHG Novi Sad, PD TENT, TPP Kolubara and TPP Morava, PE Ski Resorts of Serbia, the City of Valjevo, the City of Pančevo, as well as public companies from Valjevo, Obrenovac, Belgrade, Hidrotehnika-hidroenergetika Belgrade and others.

Standards and certifications: ISO 9001:2008

Adresa, poštanski broj, grad: Rajkovačka No.17 14000 Valjevo
P: +38 11 43 52 09 19
M: +381 64 82 79 601
E: micelinidoo@gmail.com