Morfium Fashion

Company Morfium is launched by Jelena Malesevic in 2004 in Ansterdam, named after Morpheus son of Greek God of dreams Hypnos. Brand Morfium is surrealistic and myth-inspired high fashion company; witch is mixing ancient and archetypal with progressive and futuristic design. Morfium creates and manufactures small series of art designed, handcrafted, cutting-edge fashion items with special focus on construction development and creation of details.

Products/Services: Fashin design and Costume design

Production capacities: Art studio

Export markets: Belgrade, Serbia; New York United States

Standards and certifications: none

Morfium Fashion
A: Dositejeva 8, 11158 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 63 14 46 691
M: +381 63 14 46 691