The concept of neuroplasticity is relatively new and represents the future in many fields of medicine and post-rehabilitation physical therapy.

Today, the old thesis that a damaged brain cell cannot recover is obsolete. Neurons can regenerate, and another group of neurons can take over the destroyed function of a part of the brain by creating new synapses between neurons in damaged parts of the brain, which is achieved in neurorehabilitation by repeating the movements of damaged limbs with visual and dopamine-driven stimulation.

Neuroblast Company is actively developing and works on devices what will help and improve quality of life to people with neurological diseases, mainly Multiple-Sclerosis and children with paralysis.

Neuroblast device helps adults and children with neurodegenerative diseases to exercise continuously during post-rehabilitation at home, with a simple interactive sensor device for physical therapy incorporated with motivating and entertaining gamification design of video games.

Products:  Neuroblast Company is producing two types of products, Haptic Hardware Controllers and Video Games.

Neuroblast Device (Hardware Controller):

Our solution is mobile, easy to use, and accessible to everyone.

  • Neuroblast device is equipped with several sensors that monitor user’s movements in real-time and transmit them to the computer as a control for a video game.
  • Computer visual stimulation (our engaging video games) stimulates the user to exercise a specific movement.
  • The device is connected to the computer via a BlueTooth connection and runs on batteries. It is easy to install and use.
  • The computer has specially crafted video games that stimulate a particular movement (and its duration with customizable playing sessions), which help neuroplasticity post-rehabilitation by activating nerve pathways and muscles.

Production capacities: Natural Neuroblast Device – 5,000 units monthly

Export markets: World Wide, there is no restriction.

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