Natasa Janjić PR, Consulting Agency “NS Konsalting 032”

The primary activity of the agency “NS Konsalting 032” are consulting activities related to business and other management in the field of architecture and construction.

The two-decade experience of an architectural engineer finds a quality application in establishing contact between investors, designers of construction objects and contractors. The company prepares project documentation for construction, obtaining a building permit and other accompanying project documentation, as well as the design of business and residential buildings.

During the six years of the agency’s business, connections have been established and cooperation has been established with foreign and domestic investors. International cooperation with an investor from Australia, leads to the recent realization of a large project, the entertainment complex “Bora Labyrinth”, which is one of the largest labyrinths in this part of Europe, with a total area of 2.7 hectares.

Products: family housing apartment buildings; business facilities of administrative and commercial content, business facilities of workshops, halls, warehouses business facilities of catering content, sports and recreational facilities
Standards and Certifications: EUBuild certificate “Construction management” 2015; Client Opinion Research Center, Certificate “Trust in the firm” 2017

Natasa Janjić PR, Consulting Agency “NS Konsalting 032”
A: Ljubicski kej 19/20, 3200 Čačak, Serbi
M: +381 69 14 60 077