OBLO Living

OBLO Living provides world-class, secure, and scalable solutions for various IoT applications. The company is a spin-off of RT-RK (www.rt-rk.com), one of the biggest software development houses in Southeast Europe.
OBLO combines end-to-end software solution for IoT (cloud service, hub/edge software and mobile clients and SDKs) with wide range of engineering services with main goal to offer their customers all-in-one IoT platform.

Products/Services: Key product of OBLO Living is their IoT platform – end-to-end software solution comprised of:

  • IoT hub SW:
    Provides required IoT functionality to clients
    Runs on target CPE device: smart home hub, STB, Industrial IoT GW, white goods, …
    Abstracts devices or functionalities in uniform way
  • Client applications for Android and iOS:
    Provide IoT experience to the end users
    Android/iOS SDKs available for custom IoT apps development
  • Cloud service:
    For the end user – remote control and monitoring
    For Customers – centralized place for administration of all IoT systems in the field: Remote configuration and monitoring, FW upgrade, technical support, Integration with 3rd party services, History server, Analytics
    The platform is accompanied by professional engineering services for customization and integration of the platform into Customer’s environment.
    In addition to IoT platform, OBLO developed full range of IoT devices and provides one-stop shop for IoT product development, from idea to production.

Production capacities: One-stop shop for IoT product development:

  • Idea/innovation. Based on Customer’s initial idea/rough requirements, we jointly refine the product vision
  • Concept and design. Definition of all aspects of the product (features, software, hardware, mechanics) based on our 10+ years’ experience
  • Prototype development. Near-finished product that is a subject of functional testing, validation of assumptions, and risks
  • Improvements, costs optimizations, packaging, certifications with local partner
  • Production: Small scale production with local EMS, Large scale production with partner from Asia

Export markets: Since 2015 OBLO Living solutions have been deployed in more than 500k devices in Europe and Asia.

Standards and certifications: IoT devices developed and produced by OBLO Living are compliant with all relevant standards for deployment on target markets, either in consumer electronics or industrial applications.

OBLO Living
A: Narodnog Fronta 23a, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
P: +381 21 48 01 171
M: +381 62 88 80 200
E: sales@obloliving.com
www.oblotech.com, www.obloliving.com