ONO Bikes

Ono Bikes is a custom e-bike and bicycle manufacturer. The bikes we make are solid, reliable and outrageously stylish. We particularly address individual needs of our customers, so the bike they order fits them perfectly. This is why each piece we produce is unique. The idea behind Ono Bikes is to go beyond the conventional bicycle profile and challenge the traditional design by offering captivating shapes that spark imagination and move the spirit.

Our first model Archont is a handcrafted easy rider: a three meter long cruiser bicycle or e-bike, conceived with sole aim to provide an exhilarating experience and an unparalleled riding pleasure… and a head-turning presence. It is the precursor of our style direction and a sign of things to come.

Products: Ono Archont
Production capacities: up to 1.000 units/year
Export markets: US, UK, UAE, Australia, Russia, India, Switzerland

Ono Bikes
Bulevar Despota Stefana 126, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
M: +381 63 11 11 273
E: info@onobikes.com