Specializing in IT, Pan Analytica offers custom made solutions based on the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques in data analysis, data visualization, and software development. Cutting edge machine learning scientific techniques and technologies are applied to specific problems in various fields, from finances to health, to create automated methods for analysis of large amounts of data in order to extract knowledge from them, and to make decisions and predictions.

Products/Services: Offered products are bespoke, in-house, management consulting facilities equipped with data and knowledge. Data analysis, artificial intelligence, data visualization, predictive models, business intelligence, custom-made software tools, mobile apps, etc.

Production capacities: Production capacities differ from client to client, with products and services developed to meet specific needs of every client. Our main advantage points are high quality personnel coming from academia and applications of cutting-edge technologies.

Export markets: Global markets, with particular emphasis on health and finances.

Standards and certifications: Pan Analytica offers highest standards of products and services backed by strong academic background and experience of its staff (Ph.D. degrees from world’s leading universities, such as the University of Oxford and ETH Zurich).

A: Vojvode Radomira Putnika 10a, 26000 Pančevo, Serbia
P: +381 64 19 86 388
M: +381 64 19 86 388