Primary school “Tvrđava”

Primary school “Tvrđava” was founded in 2015 with main goal to teach children to apply knowledge and to explore in different ways. School is using innovative methods of teaching such as project-based, cooperative and differentiated learning. Students are creators of their process of learning, the atmosphere is motivating for work, studying and socializing so children come to school with the smile and leave with it. Each class has 14 students, so we can approach every student individually considering their strengths and weaknesses and creating their learning tempo accordingly.

Products/Services: Primary education of children resulting in children with critical thinking, ready to learn and free to explore new things

Standards and certifications: Ministry of education, science and technological development verification of space, program and team number 128-022-468/2015-01

Primary school “Tvrđava”
A: Štrosmajerova 8, Petrovaradin, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
P: +381 21 66 13 043
M: +381 69 79 70 80