PRO-MENS was founded in 2013 as the 1st school of Mental Arithmetic in Serbia. Today the center runs a set of authentic programs for both children and adults that combine methodology and psychology and offer transparency of individual progress and achieved results.
The company offers international franchising and partnership opportunities.

SUANPAN MENTAL ARITHMETIC (ages 5-14): cognitive skills development, attention, focus, memory
PAMOS (ages 8-11): creativity, emotional intelligence, behavioral shaping
FAST FORWARD READING WITH COMPREHENSION (ages 12+): double reading speed, better memory and comprehension

Production capacities: Franchising system since 2014: Single-unit franchises, Master franchises

Export markets: Global

Standards and certifications:
ISO 9001:2015 (Education, Techniques of Education and Learning Methods) since 2016
Registered Trademarks and Intellectual Property

A: Bulevar Nemanjića 1, 18000 Niš, Serbia
P: +381 18 25 07 00
M: +381 62 16 29 159