Prolom Spa & Planinka

The special hospital for rehabilitation “Prolom Spa”

The special hospital for rehabilitation Prolom Spa was established in 2009, as part of company “Planinka”. It consists of profit centers, Prolom and Lukovska Spa. The company’s offer is a combination of healthcare, recreational and wellness programes, with hotel & catering services along with rest and leisure offers. The goal of the company is to be the leading group in spa tourism industry in Serbia, today and in the future. Since last year, Kuršumlija Spa has been part of the company.


The current company AD “Planinka” was founded on January 9, 1964, by merging the management of spas on the territory of the municipality of Kursumlija (Prolom, Lukovska and Kursumlija Spa) and the city catering. The goal of founding this company was to use the natural resources for tourism development that the municipality had at its disposal, especially the potentials of thermo-mineral waters in three spas, the natural monument “Devil’s Town” and other benefits for tourism development. Today, the carrier of the development of AD “Planinka” is Prolom water, with the most modern equipment and HACCP and ISO 9001 certificates, which enable export to countries around the world. The capacity of the bottling plant is 60,000,000 l per year.