PSS Institute Tamiš

PSS Institute Tamiš was established in 1956. and today operates as:

Agriculture extension services – advisory work with farmers. We are conducting agrotechnical, varietal and pesticide experiments on the experimental field which was founded 1965.  We perform professional and health control of seed production and nursery production and   plant protection program acording Plant protection directorate Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management, we are implementing measures for plant health and quarantine, control of goods intended for export and issuance of phytocertificates. PSS Institute Tamiš  has Laboratory of agrochemical analysis of soil, seed quality testing, nematode testing,  control of cereals and cereal products and animal feed, jobs of the regional livestock service. We conduct scientific research, the results of which we pass on to agricultural producers. The area covered by the PSS Institute Tamis as regional center for these jobs is the dominant arable field in which corn is the most represented plant species, followed by sunflower, wheat, soybeans. The vicinity of Belgrade, a significant infrastructure, the Danube port in Pancevo, defines this area as a significant supplier and a large exporter whose product quality has been recognized by the market for many years.

Standards and certifications: SRPS ISO/IEC 17025:2017

PSS Institute Tamiš
A: Novoseljanski put 33, 26000 Pančevo, Serbia
P: +381 13 31 30 92