Radanska RUŽA

A social enterprise founded in 2015 with the aim of employing women from marginalized groups. The second goal was to offer the market healthy products that were prepared according to a traditional recipe.

We are interested in marketing our conventional and organic products, but we are also interested in jointly investing in capacity expansion. That would mean increasing the number of subcontractors from the current 30 to over 70.

Products: Organic and conventional ajvars in different variants and jams. All products are without chemical additives.

Production capacities: about 100,000 kilograms of finished products

Export markets: EU

Standards and certifications: HACCAP, ISO 22000

Radanska RUŽA doo Lebane
A: Nikole Tesle 18, 16230 Lebane, Serbia
P: +3816844404
M: +381658444114
E: office@radanskaruza.rs