Residence Hills

The company “Residence Hills” is the result of long-term research of the real estate market, the desire and the need to modernize the existing sale and purchase of real estate and to offer a unique presentation of the most attractive properties, not only in Serbia, but worldwide.

As a new company on the market, we were in a position to recognize and offer our clients everything that we saw was missing. At the same time improving that which has been available so far. Engaging a team of experienced professionals in the field of real estate sale, as well as renovation of residential and office space, has enabled us to be in a position to offer in one place a comprehensive range of services in these areas, and integration with new dimensions of marketing. Our company’s business strategy is reflected in a comprehensive offer of exclusive real estate in Belgrade and Serbia, as well as in the world’s most attractive  etropolises and luxury resorts.

This is a novelty on the market, as clients will now be able to get in one place offers for the most exclusive locations in our country, as well as a unique offer of attractive properties around the world. We provide consultancy services in the field of investments in real estate, and also consultancy services for the purpose of faster and more efficient approval of bank loans to our clients.

At the same time, owing to a team of top architects, as well as direct contacts with manufacturers of furniture and equipment for residential and business projects, as well as hotels, primarily from Turkey, we provide solutions for equipping new and renovating existing facilities from standard to ultra-luxurious variants.

A: Hercegovačka 14b 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
M: +381695115000