Science Technology Park Belgrade

INK is an organisation from Novi Sad founded in 2010 with a mission to bring contemporary world-class design practice to Serbia and to bring Serbian designers closer to the world. INK is a team of designers, curators, architects and communication experts who organise cultural events, educational and mentorship programmes for designers but also help organisations, institutions and companies to present their work and activities in a more attractive way by embracing contemporary design practices.

Products/Services: Organisation and production of events (conferences, exhibitions, workshops, talks, etc), Graphic design (visual identities;  editorial design – books, magazines, newspapers, etc), Web design, Spatial design / scenography

Production capacities: Workshops / organisation and production – 20 per year; Exhibition / organisation and production – 10 per year; Exhibition design – 11 per year; Scenography / Spatial design – 4 per year
Conferences / organisation and production – 2 per year; Visual identity – 6 per year; Editorial design – 10 per year.

Export markets: Worldwide with focus on EU

Science Technology Park Belgrade
A: Veljka Dugosevica 54, 11050 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 33 70 951