Science Technology Park Niš

Science Technology Park Nis (STP Nis) is non-profit organization that in close cooperation with University of Nis and the academic community provides the necessary infrastructure and professional support to innovative companies in developing and achieving business success in the high-tech market.


  • Development of region innovation ecosystem
  • Support to startup and scale-up member companies
  • Business development support
  • Creation and development of new innovative products, services and processes by applying advanced technologies.

Production capacities:  14 000 m2 office space, over 40 company members with over 500 employees in Software Engineering; 17 startup companies and 16 scale-up companies became members of STP Niš.
Export markets: STP Niš member companies products: Technologies; Artificial Intelligence; Machine learning; Business Intelligence; Based Software and Hardware Development; Gaming Industry, etc…

Aleksandra Medvedeva bb, 18 000 Niš, Serbia
P: +381 18 41 55 777