Serbia Film Commission

Serbia Film Commission gathers industry leading film professionals, production and post-production companies working on feature films, TV commercials, television and animation projects. Our Commission includes trusted partners in business and tourism that make the industry supply chain with over 60 cluster members.

We offer support to international filmmakers who choose Serbia as their next filming location because of its cost-effectiveness and competitive filming incentives of 25% cash rebate.

The Commission is dedicated to serving as a liaison between business, public and civil sector, as we nurture up-to-date film production practices, organize continuous industry training and foster a film-friendly environment in Serbia.

Products/Services: Providing B2B opportunities for production of feature film, TV series, commercials and animation from location breakdown to final postproduction.

CGA Belgrade conference – annual regional conference of computer graphics and digital arts combining education, technology advancements and business of film, gaming, and digital arts. Within the conference umbrella runs business track CGAlliance that provides platform for closer collaboration between different industry stakeholders and growth opportunities with B2B sessions as well as business mentoring. CGAlliance ambition is to become main market event for doing business in CG in Eastern Europe.

Production capacities: SFC represents cluster of companies – 23 production companies and film studios; 14 studios specialized in VFX, 3D animation, and post-production

Export markets: US, India, MENA (UAE, Egypt, Liban, Israel, Turkey), Scandinavia, UK, Germany, Russia, China

A: Kralja Milana 4, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 40 59 961