The company SL COLOR wasfounded  in 1995 and we areengaged in the import, export and distribution of spices, sauces, rice and other groceries to the most renowned  hotels and restaurants in Serbia and Montenegro.

We are interested in finding new business partners throughout our region for both import and export of products.From 2019, one of the most important parts of our business and what we emphasize the most is the cultivation and distribution of edamame (assessed according to the requirements of the international food safety standard ).Every year we increase the production  of edamame beans due to the growing popularity and demand  in the world. And we strive to be one of the leading producers  of this culture both in our region and in Europe.

Products: production  of edamame and import and distribution products  such as rice, noodles, tempura flour, panko breadcrumbs, marinated ginger and a wide range of other spices and sauces.

Production capacities: 50 hectares of cultivation (300t of products)

Export markets: EU

Palmira Toljatija 19, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 32 30 597
M: +381 62 56 15 05