Special hospital Merkur

Merkur is a modern health institution with a tradition of over 70 years in field of medical services and mineral waters use for health purposes. People suffering from diabetes, gastro-enterological diseases and diseases of the bone and joint system have the best effects on their health during their stay in Merkur. Medical team consists of 40 specialist and subspecialist doctors. During 2022, is planned the opening of a new luxury facility Merkur Palace – most exclusive medical and spa center in Serbia.

Medical board:

Boards for relax and enjoying:

Accommodation facilities (720 beds in 4 facilities):

  • Merkur New
  • Sumadija
  • Merkur New
  • George

Spa facilities:

  • Aqua center “Waterfall”
  • Spa center “Rimski izvor”

Special hospital Merkur
A: Bulevar srpskih ratnika 18, 36 210, Vrnjačka Banja, Serbia
P: +381 5155150
E: info@vrnjcispa.rs