Studio A&D Architects

Studio A&D Architects DOO Belgrade is a design, engineering and consultant company from Belgrade, Serbia. Primary established as architectural office, with high designing skills in all types of facilities.

The primary focus of company is reconstructions and refurbishment of existing public facilities such as schools, hospitals, and social care facilities. Our your and motivated team is strictly dedicated to achievement of higher services level in public sector through timeless design and contemporary international healthcare, schools, and social care standards.

We often engage in projects that include historic sites and heritage buildings. Through our work, we revitalize heritage buildings and integrate them into urban life, while preserving history.  Conservation and preservation of historic is another manner of our work.

Our vision commits us to always work when we apply the optimal solutions as well as to lower the cost of investors and avoid the inconvenience associated with obtaining approvals and permits.

Dedication to the quality of technical documentation that we provide to our clients, recommended us as a strong and reliable partner to many public institutions and local government offices: Centre for social work, The Institute of Gerontology Belgrade, City of Leskovac, City of Subotica, Municipality of Smederevska Palanka, Municipality of Priboj, City of Belgrade, City of Novi Sad

As strong architectural practice we are partners with most of most famous design companies in Serbia: AG Institut, CEEFOR, KAPA projekt, DBA Architects, KRIP inženjering, Asmec Consultants etc. with whom we have established long-term and successful cooperation.


  • Airport Nikola Tesla Belgrade ( whit Kapa Projekt)
  • School of Electrical engineering, Priboj, ( whit Asmec Consultants)
  • Primary school Desanka Maksimović, Priboj, ( whit Asmec Consultants)
  • Primary school 1.Maj, Vladimirovac, Alibunar, ( whit Asmec Consultants)
  • Primary school Zivko Ljuljic, Nova Varos ( whit Asmec Consultants)
  • Primary school Nikola Tesla, Novi Banovci, Stara Pazova
  • Primary school Vera Miscevic, Belegis, ( whit Asmec Consultants and KI-BIRO)
  • Astra Zeneca pharmaceutical company, brach Belgrade
  • Distillery and house in Radusa, Serbia
  • General Hospital Petrovac na Mlavi, (with Ceefor)
  • General Hospital Subotica, (with Quiddita)
  • General Hospital Leskovac, (with Krip)
  • General Hospital Smederevska Palanka , (with Pro – Ing)
  • Gerentological Center Karaburma, Diljska, Belgrade,
  • Gerentological Center Karaburma, Pljesevicka, Belgrade,
  • Gerentological Center Bežanijska Kosa – Home and care for adults and the elderly people, Belgrade ( with KI-BIRO)
  • Pavilions for male and female youth of the Institution for Children and Youth Sremcica, Belgrade. (whit KI-BIRO)

Production capacities:

  • 15 employed graduate engineers of arhitecture in the office
  • Up to 30 engineers on the construction site
  • Up to 200000 m2 of project tehnical documentation ( IDP, PGD, PZI)
  • 2018 in total 60100 m2
  • 2019 in total 90400 m2
  • 2020 in total 50000 m2
  • 2021 so far 40000 m2

Export markets: Montenegro, Russia

A: Maruliceva 3, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
M: +381 65 837 0803