SUNCE Company

The company SUNCE was founded on the 23rd august 1929 as a small family workshop for steel joinery, gates and fences. The founder was a well known craftsman whose gates beautify the city of Kragujevac even today.

The craftsmanship and their values were passed like true family treasures to  inheritors who continued the family business and tradition and now lead the company with over 150 employees.

Due to its eight decade long work and quality, SUNCE proudly takes a leader role in the joinery industry as a most successful company. There are over 20 highly qualified managers and over 80 competent craftsmen. They all stand behind the excellence of SUNCE products.

SUNCE Company
A: Lepenicki bulevar 39, 34 000 Kragujevac, Serbia
P: +381 34 330870
M: +381 60 330 87 66