Suzana Perić

Company “Suzana Peric doo” (SP doo) was founded in year 2000 by Suzana Peric, fashion designer that graduated at AMD/ Akademy Mode & Design Dusseldorf. Starting in 2001, first “SP doo” shops were opened in Dusseldorf and Keln in 2001. “SP doo” at the same time was whole selling to 4 European countries, such as Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy.
In 2011 “SP doo” is opening first design shop in Belgrade, Serbia and it’s been running and operating on different location in Belgrade since then.
“SP doo” is focused solely on women clothing, mainly, but not limited to high fashion evening dresses, women business dress code, sport and casual wear and all women accessories. “SP doo” has over 100 national and international fashion shows with 17 highest international awards and 40 highest national awards and accolades. Until 2020, women high fashion dresses were making 65% of all sales, whilst remaining percentage was spread amongst other clothes and accessories.
“SP doo” is a full circle production, from creative design, construction and modeling to manufacturing of all clothing and items, using only highest quality manufacturing product, mainly silk, but all other high fashion materials.
From day one, differentiation was a main marketing strategy and business driver for “SP doo”, thus, method of processing all materials and final product is at the highest level and final treatment is hand made as per “SP doo Trademark”.
In 2020 SP doo adopted an additional business model through its first online retail shop in Balkans.  has seen an exponential increase in retail through online sale, seeing increase of 40% in retail sector and market penetration of over 20 countries worldwide, which led to additional company expansion.
Considering expansion in business in the past year and additional financial investment in production line and storage capacities, “SP doo” can now deliver high volume of high-quality clothing with quick response time to any retail or wholesale or retail partner in the world.
Additionally, “SP doo” can design, tailor made, create, produce and deliver high volume of various clothing including uniforms for small and large companies, hotels, airline industries etc.
With over 22 years of experience in fashion, design and production SP doo can listen and cater to any needs and desires of the worldwide market

Products/Services: Women high fashion dresses, Women high fashion business line clothing, Wedding dresses, Coats, jackets (all types including leather), Sport and casual wear, Tailor made uniforms for companies above 50 employees, Accessories including, hats, gloves, scarfs, Creative design
Coming soon: (Men casual and sport wear)

Production capacities: Depending on the item or clothing, ea; coats, dresses, jackets/ production capacities are between 250-450 units per week

Export markets: Currently exporting to over 20 countries on three continents; Europe, USA, Asia

Suzana Perić SP
Đorđa Jovanovića 5, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
M: +381 65 44 45 556