We are a small StartUp company that, working with external associates, mostly in the field of mechanical engineering, develops prototypes, small production series and various technological projects, for ourselves and other clients on the market. We have a couple of solutions that are in the phase of intellectual property protection while working on new ones in parallel. We recently started cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Belgrade University on projects in the aero and space industry.

Products: Patent pending WO2021066666 and few prototypes

  • 5 in 1 sport astronaut wing (Space workout equipment)
  • VP 89 – ISS smart attachment mechanism (Robotics, Space exploration)
  • NASA (RASSOR) with Bucket Drum Design VPR 21 (Robotics, Moon mining

Production capacities:
Development, prototyping and small series

Export markets: Germany

A: Kralja Milutina 30, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
M: +381 61 63 99 753