TARA company

TARA company is a company who does wood processing since 1991. Tara flooring provides the market with the most modern natural floor coverings produced by the diligent hands of our masters while following new trends.Tara’s floors are made entirely of pure wood. Thanks to customer satisfaction with the quality provided, Tara is among the most successful companies in Serbia, while following all European standards.

Products: Hardwood flooring, Multilayer flooring; Hand made collection; Chevron; Saw-mill products

Production capacities: 150.000 m2  of floor; 2.000m3 processing logs, wood into wood elements

Export markets: Romania, France, Italy, Turkey, Sweden, Germany,Switzerland, Norway

TARA company
A: Desimirovac bb, 34321 Kragujevac, Serbia
P: +381 34 561 711
M: +381603670997
E: office@taradoo.com; info@taraconcept.com