Techno Naiss Group

The Company was established September 2006. The primary business for Techno Naiss Group is the design, development, prototyping and serial production of mechanical assemblies, with some electro mechanic assemblies, mostly in the field of medicine. At the moment TNG has 19 employees mostly engineers, and very strong network of subcontractor. The mission of TNG is providing the high level products and services for our customers in terms of quality, price and professional relations. As innovative thinkers and expert collaborators, we are dedicated to providing solutions for a variety of electronically and mechanical problems. Our orientation for the foreign market was confirmed as a right decision by Serbian Investment and Export Agency SIEPA who awarded us as an Exporter of the Year in 2008, in the category of best export product in Serbia. Till now more than 90% of our products and services is placed out of Serbia, and we are present almost at all Continents.

Products:  Cone Beam CT – MiniCAT, Mobile battery operated Cone Beam CT XCat, Whole body mobile battery operated Cone Beam CT  – BCT, X-ray collimators, X-Ray protective barriers,..

Production capacities: CT (in total – all types) up to 200 units / year, X-ray protective barriers (in total – all types) up to 350 units / year

Export markets: USA, Germany, Switzerland, France, Sweden, China, Australia, Austria, Poland, Russia…

Standards and certifications: ISO 13485, CE mark

Techno Naiss Group
A: Mramorsko brdo bb, 18252 Merošina, Serbia
P: +381 18 45 99 584
M: +381 63 41 43 53