TeleGroup is a tech company that analyzes the business processes of end users and proposes optimal solutions for connection, digitalization, automatization and protection of their overall business.

Since its beginning in 1992, TeleGroup has grown into a system that includes a number of tech companies specializing in the development and implementation of business IT solutions and the construction of IT, telecommunications and electrical infrastructure.

One of TeleGroup products includes AgroLIFE software which is developed with the idea of transforming and digitalizing agricultural process and management of agricultural land. TeleGroup expert team developed a software based on GIS technology that enables management of production processes in order to increase yields and reduce operational expenses.

AgroLIFE is designed for all the players in the agricultural ecosystem: individual farmers, agronomists, agricultural enterprises, municipalities, and ministries. TeleGroup team has experienced agronomists, business analysts, developers and trainers. Thanks to many years of experience, team has deep knowledge about the challenges in the agricultural industry and supports the clients through all the steps: analysis, implementation, user training, and maintenance.

Major platform features are listed below:

  • GIS platform
  • Digital field book
  • Monitored irrigation system
  • Satellite imagery and agricultural indexes
  • IoT features (weather stations, GPS trackers etc.)

Interactive dashboard and reporting

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