Testeral is a leading European manufacturer of aluminium windows, doors and other aluminium building products. As a family business with almost 3 decades of experience in the aluminium industry, it has become the first choice of architects and designers in Serbia and abroad.

Testeral is a business system for projecting, production, delivery and installation of aluminium joinery and other aluminium-glass constructions, per client’s specific requirements (non serial production). Since it’s founded, the company has been declared as export oriented company and most of its production is intended for foreign markets. 75% of total revenues are coming from export of goods.

The vision of company Tester-al is to contribute to the development of new systems of aluminium and glass facades, to impose new-higher standards of quality, functionality and design of aluminium and glass facades that are a step ahead of others.

Products: Windows and Doors, Structural Glass Facades (Curtain walls), Unitized Curtain Wall and Window wall, Blinds and Shutters, Aluminium Railings, Awning Systems, Pergolas, Verandas, & Canopies, Main Entrance Doors, Aluminium and Steel Fire resistance (Windows, Doors & Curtain Walls), Aluminium and Ceramic Cladding/Facades (Alubond and ACM Panels)

Production capacities: The production facility is equipped with the new CNC machines and computer processing centre from renowned German companies (Urban and Elumatec) with very high production capacity. With constant investments in production equipment, the company Tester-al has become listed among the largest producers and exporters of aluminium and PVC joinery in the territory of Serbia.

Export markets: The major export markets are United States of America, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy and Sweden.

A: Slovenski broj 33, 35000 Jagodina, Serbia
P: +381 35 20 0 700
M: +381 69 85 09 509
E: office@testeral.com