The Faculty of Pharmacy – University of Belgrade

The Faculty of Pharmacy – University of Belgrade has an 80-year tradition in the education of pharmacists and medical biochemists. The Faculty of Pharmacy successfully cooperates with the enterprises through various projects, providing scientific and research potential. In this way, commercial entities have the opportunity to raise the level of their products/offers/services innovation, and to assure better positioning and competitiveness in the market.

Products: The Department of Medical Biochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, in cooperation with the economy, conducts interventional clinical studies, which include supplementation of subjects with various dietary supplements and foods to determine their impact on oxidative stress status, cholesterol homeostasis and changes in size and functionality of HDL and LDL particles, as well as changes in inflammatory markers concentration. The laboratory is equipped with modern analytical instruments (HPLC-MS / MS, qPCR, electrophoretic and spectrophotometric techniques) used to determine specific metabolites and parameters:

  • – Markers of oxidative stress and antioxidant protection
  • – Markers of cholesterol synthesis and absorption
  • – Distribution of individual subpopulations of LDL and HDL particles
  • – Vitamin D metabolites
  • – Assessment of cell/organism aging by determining telomere length
  • – Unique method for in vitro analysis of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of drugs and dietary products.

The research laboratory of the Department of Medical Biochemistry also offers services such as the design and implementation of clinical trials, as well as statistical processing of results and their interpretation. With various pharmacoeconomic analyzes and knowledge of laboratory statistics, it provides validation and verification services for laboratory procedures, methods and analyzers, as well as cost-effectiveness assessment through cost-effectiveness analysis.

Standards and certifications: Good Manufacturing Practice – GMP

The Faculty of Pharmacy – University of Belgrade
Vojvode Stepe 450, 11221 Belgrade, Serbia
P: + 381 11 24 73 224