The Law Office of NM Advokati

The Law Office of NM Advokati was founded in 2007 in Belgrade. Professionalism and dedication to our clients have resulted in us becoming the most important and leading highly specialized law office in Serbia, Europe and the world. We provide highly specialized legal services at the highest professional level and with a recognized quality of work. We represent an extremely large number of significant clients who are mainly multinational companies, various institutions, institutions, foreign and domestic individuals. Lawyers who work in our office are the most recognized in their fields of work, primarily in Serbia, but also in Europe.

In addition to doing business in the territory of the Republic of Serbia, NM Lawyers successfully operate throughout Europe and the world as NM Lawyers Regional. In the territories of European countries, we cover the largest number of business industries and branches of business, with a huge number of legal resources that provide our clients with a complete legal offer and assistance from the most prominent lawyers of today. NM Lawyers together with NM Lawyers Regional represent the essence of the Bar, the only most specialized group of lawyers you can find for international disputes and international law.

Our office management system in an area of hundreds of millions of people, with a huge number of employees, could most simply be described as a single management system for all parts of the whole so that decisions are made efficiently and effectively, in a short time and in the best interest of the client . The work process itself is organized by industries and branches, and within the sector and department, automated and computerized according to the most modern world standards. In this way, we provide the best possible service to all our clients, both in Serbia and abroad.

The advantage we have is the high specialization of work in the departments and the commitment of lawyers to work in specific areas of law.

Providing the highest quality conditions and meeting the goals of each client individually is our imperative and we pay special attention to it, as well as the culture and ethics of working relationships with all clients. In our work we use inviolable knowledge, the latest technologies and tools that allow us to achieve the best possible results and even exceed the expectations of our clients.

The Law Office of NM Advokati
Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 165A, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 31 12 560
M: +381 63 24 72 44