TV Shop Direct International

TV Shop brand has been on the market of the entire region since 1998, as a part of international DRTV industry (direct TV sales).

TV Shop Direct International run online sales, retail sales, catalog sales, as well.

TV Shop offer a wide range, from products for home, kitchen and cleaning to products for health, beauty and fitness and products for children.

TV Shop has developed his own unique product with trademark name SharpFit Sofa Covers, made in  Italy, which it distributes all over the world.

Products/Services: DRTV, selling products trough TV with informecials, online, catalogue and our own shops

Production capacities: Production of our main product SharpFit Sofa Covers is Italy where we has been hired domestic manufacturer, capacity is flexible depends of market demand

Export markets: Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia&Hercegovina, Slovenia, Romania, France, Malta

TV Shop Direct International
A: Cara Uroša 36-38, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 20 28 600
M: +381 63 39 15 18