Twinoxide RS

Twinoxide RS, a wholesaler of chemical products, was founded in August 2008 with its headquarters in Belgrade. Twinoxide RS operates in Serbia primarily in the field of water treatment.

Products/Services: Chemical preparation – two-component chlorine dioxide areas of application of the preparation

  • pre-treatment of raw surface water and final disinfection of drinking water,
  • meat and milk industry,
  • food industry in the broadest sense,
  • beer industry,
  • textile industry and paper processing industry
  • for bleaching,
  • in agro-culture, application in farming, fruit growing,
  • processing of sugar beet (formalin substitution)
  • disinfection of warehouses, ambience, work and floor surfaces.
  • disinfection of ventilation ducts
  • Depending on the place of application and the desired result of application

Product quantities: the quantities of the used agent differ, as the duration of application of the chemical preparation.

Export markets: For now, the company TWINOXIDE RS operates only on the domestic market

Standards and certifications: SRPS EN 12671:2009

TWINOXIDE – RS doo Beograd
A: Bircaninova 37/2, 11000 Beograd
P: 011 2643378