UKRAS is a family company founded in Serbia on March 3, 1970. Initially, it was a small workshop in which carpentry and construction moldings were made. In time, as the scope of business expanded, a need arose for establishing a company that could accept such an increased volume of business. Today, with more than 50 years of experience, UKRAS represents a dynamic company with modern business policies and a leading molding maker in our region. It is distinguished primarily by high-quality products and an extremely responsible approach to business. Its total area lays on 5,000 square meters, representing a modern factory with equipment and machines made by the world’s most famous manufacturers. The biggest recognition is the continued satisfaction of customers all over the country and abroad.
Knowledge, experience, and responsibility are successfully transmitted from one generation to another.

Today’s customers expect not only a high-quality product but also require proof that the company is capable of continuously producing high-quality products or providing high-quality service. Providing such evidence should represent the first-rate goal for every company that holds up to its image and has high demands on new markets – UKRAS is certainly one such company.


  • moldings for laminate flooring
  • mdf white foil moldings
  • parquet moldings
  • mdf white painted moldings
  • wooden curtain rods

Production capacities: Production of over 10 million meters of various floor moldings
Export markets: Russia, Belarus, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Montenegro, N.Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Standards and certifications: ISO 9001 : 2015, ISO 45001 : 2018, FSC Chain-of-Custordy

A: Debeljanska bb., 35223 Veliki Popović, Serbia
P: +381 35 62 13 31
M: +381 63 98 52