University of Kragujevac

University of Kragujevac is a modern education and research institution that embraces major areas of teaching and research. It achieves prominent results at national and international level, especially in the fields of natural sciences, engineering and technology and medical and health sciences. Main areas of interest: Information technologies, Artificial intelligence and Biomedical engineering, with the focus on multidisciplinary research and collaboration with industry partners.


  1. Over 120 study programs in Serbian language (Bachelor, Master, Integrated and doctoral academic studies)
  2. Studies in English language (Master, Integrated and Doctoral academic studies)

Master academic studies in English language

  • Master of Information Technologies (University level)
  • Computer Games Development (University level)
  • Artificial intelligence (University level)
  • Bioengineering (Faculty of Engineering)

Integrated academic studies in English language

  • Pharmacy (Faculty of Medical Sciences)

Doctoral academic studies (PhD) in English language

  • Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (Faculty of Engineering)
  • Bioengineering (Faculty of Engineering)
  • Student mobility & Teaching and non-teaching staff mobility through participation in a formal exchange programme (i.e. Erasmus+, Bilateral agreements, CEEPUS, etc.)
  • Research and participation in international projects
  • Well-equipped laboratories for research and experiments
  • HPC equipment

Capacities: University of Kragujevac consists of 12 faculties with over 20 000 students enrolled in more than 120 study programmes at all study levels (bachelor academic, master academic, integrated academic and doctoral academic studies) in the following study fields: Natural Sciences, Technical and Technological Sciences, Medical Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, and Arts. University of Kragujevac has established cooperation with over 70 foreign universities that is mainly realised through international projects and programmes for student and staff exchange. University of Kragujevac is a holder of Erasmus Charter for Higher Education for the next program cycle for 2021-2027.

Export markets: Regional and global

Standards and certifications: Standards and certifications for education and training of national and international students.

University of Kragujevac
A: Jovana Cvijića bb, 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia
P: +381 34 37 01 91