Vino Župa

“Vino Župa” as a cooperation was founded  in 1956. by the genuine need for cooperation of workers and farmers to sell their products from grapes and other fruits to the surrounding markets.
„Vino Župa” is first and foremost, an extremely well located factory, because it has complete base of raw materials in the radius of 50km, except the citrus fruit. This factor, as well as good cooperation with the agricultural producers, provides great advantage and stability, because we always have secured high quality raw materials for our production.
We have cooperation with more than 25000 agricultural producers. This is very important because grapes and other fruit varieties can’t withstand long transport and require maximum speed of processing in order to avoid premature fermentation and spoilage of goods.

„Vino Župa” is very important for primary agricultural production because it’s technological installations can process huge quantities of fruit on daily basis. We are processing fruit of different quality since each quality level can be used for a specific product group.

Products: Deep frozen fruits, Fruit juice concentrates, Fruit puree and concentrated fruit puree, NFC juices, Plum paste  56Bx, Fruit juices and nectars, Still drinks (not carbonated and carbonated), Marmalades and jams, Fruit fillings and thermostable marmalades  for bakeries, Wines and fruit wines, Spirits and strong alcoholic drinks, Vinegars, Distillates, Fruit wines in bulk

Production capacities: cold storages capacity – 9.500 tons, production of fruit concentrate – 20.000 kg of fresh fruits per hour, production of fruit puree – 10.000 kg of fresh fruits per hour, glass bottle filling room – 10.000 pcs per hour, PET bottle filling room – 8.000 pcs per hour, Tetra Pak filling room – 30.000 pcs per hour, Grape processing factory – 1.200 tons per day, Wine storage capacity – 35 million litres

Export markets: EU, Russia, Australia, China, Libya, England, Balkan’s countries ( No EU)

Standards and certifications: HACCP, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, KOSHER, HALAL, IFS  – The certification process is in progress. 

Vino Župa
A: Kruševačka 36, 37230 Aleksandrovac, Serbia
P: +381 37 35 52 409
M: +381 62 55 42 85
E:  ǀ