Vis Health

Vis Health is on a mission to become a leading source of cutting-edge products for personal hygiene and beauty and healthcare, as well as pet hygiene for healthcare centers and distributors across Europe. Our main products are IONICKISS toothbrushes that work on an ion technology basis.

Besides IONICKISS toothbrushes, Vis Health has been developing and producing natural supplements: Vitamin D, Zinc, B12, Magnesium Complex, Prostate Superb, Relax, Eye Vitamin, Libido, Immuno Superb.


  1. IONICKISS toothbrushes
  2. GET1 Supplements

Production capacities:

  1. IONICKISS toothbrushes – 1 000 000 pieces per SKU quarterly
  2. GET1 Supplements – 100 000 pieces per SKU quarterly

Export markets: Export markets are EU, CEFTA, UK and Middle East.

Standards and certifications:

  1. CE Signs
  2. MSDS
  3. Halal

Vis Health
A: Gavrila Principa 43, Savski Venac, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
M: +381 64 46 06 707