VISAN is a group that consists of one production company called “Visan llc”, two services companies called “Visan CG” and “Visan Zavod” and of three scientific/educational institutions: VZS VISAN – health university, Society of Environmental Sciences, EcoVisan Institute.

Visan exists for 32 years and is a leader in its field for past 25 years. Visan was the first to introduce systematic deratisation, fly and mosquito suppression and gipsy moth repression with biological products. Visan health/medical University enters its 17th generation this year. University has 6 mayors and masters programs: Sanitary engineer, Nurse, Radiologist, Physiotherapist, Pharmacist and Nutritionist.

On top to internal affairs, “VISAN” business system is the biggest importer and distributor for pesticides biocides, and other chemicals.


  1. Vizemsolon MP&FP – Soft and hard rodent poison (internal production)
  2. FaratoxForte – And represent (imported and reformulated internally)
  3. Gel MP – Foromonal Bug poison (internal production)
  4. BIoDez – Biological Disinfectant (internal Production)
  5. BirdPico – Net and spike system for bird supression
  6. Allergoff – Biological Allergy suppressant (importer and distributor)

Production capacities:

  1. Vizemsolon – 4t/day
  2. FaratoxForte – 5000 units/day
  3. Gel MP – 800kg/day
  4. BioDez – 2,4t/day
  5. BirdPico – 5km/day disassembled or 1km/day assembled
  6. Allergoff – 400kg/day – needs longer planning

Export markets: MonteNegro, Bosnia, Republic of Serpska, Poland, Macedonia, Kosovo.

Standards and certifications: ISO:9001; ISO:14001; ISO:18001; ISO45001; EN:16636

A: Jerneja Kopitara, 11080 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 316 11 55
M: +381 64 81 87 004