We want to enable superb care for all domestic dogs and introduce innovative IoT solutions into the pet industry. We enhance pet care through technology and help understand animals better. We have set the goal of making our first innovative product in 2022, but we see Smart Pet toothbrush as the first in the product line, with many more to come. To achieve this, we onboarded a team of veterinary and microbiology specialists, skilled mechanical engineers, marketing experts, product managers, and practical problem-solvers.

Products:  A Smart Pet toothbrush with a unique set of features (variable heads, bristles with different flavours, NFC communication), and a complimentary mobile app that connects users and veterinarians.

Production capacities: Smart Pet toothbrush – 20,000 units monthly.

Export markets: Balkans (Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia), and six more countries in Europe (Belgium, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia).

A: Maglajska 24, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
M: +381 64 81 34 649