VizLore Digital Asset Management (VLDAM)

VLDAM is an SME from Serbia, Novi Sad, that aims to deliver seamless trading experience to crypto traders with enviable ROI while maintaining predictive volatility. VLDAM believes that AI can identify market patterns and trends beyond human comprehension by data mashup of off-chain, on-chain and trading data. The team behind VLDAM consists of professionals in the field of FinTech and most importantly – traders. VLDAM is dedicated to driving wider adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Products: Vldam web platform is an unbiased, personalized, transparent and affordable AI-based cryptocurrency trading solution. Vldam is a smart cryptocurrency trading solution for day traders and investment funds. It automates creation of trading signals using complex market statistics, deep reinforced learning and social media sentiment analysis. Vldam web platform provides:

  • Hourly AI-generated trading signals for 5 cryptocurrencies (more pending).
  • Automated execution of digital asset trades based on AI-generated trading signals.
  • Risk management tools allowing users to manage and take calculated risks.
  • Portfolio optimization tools with diversification of the investment portfolio.

Production capacities: Vldam web platform is working non-stop.

Export markets: Global

Standards and certifications: License to operate under the Digital Assets law in Serbia (submitted, license pending)

VizLore Digital Asset Management (VLDAM)
A: Ribnikar 56, 21220 Novi Sad, Serbia
P: 381 64 02 72 551
M: 381 64 02 72 551