Vodoprivredno društvo Dunav

Vodoprivredno društvo Dunav ad Bačka Palanka was established in 2002 but it must be noted that this is company actually continues the tradition of the first water cooperatives in the area dating back to 1873. The total surface area is about 136,000 ha. Within its current borders, the planned water management area “Dunav” extends through the territory of the municipality of Bač, the Bač part of the territory of the municipality of Bačka Palanka, the larger parts of the municipalities of Bačka Petrovac and Odžaci, and on very small parts of the municipalities of Apatin, Kula, Vrbas and Novi Sad. The boundaries of the land improvement area are: the natural border of the area, in the west-south direction, is the left bank of the Danube River from Bogojevo to Begeč, along a length of 98.2 km, with 91.42 km of defensive embankment, from the north of OKM from the Srpski Miletić lock behind Bački Petrovac, and the eastern border descends approximately in a north-south direction to the Danube near Begeč. In this area, there are 23 hydro-melioration drainage basins with about 1370 km of canal network and about 1370 water management facilities. There are also 9 pumping stations with a capacity of about 26 m3/sec.


  • Construction of hydraulic structures
  • Construction, reconstruction and maintenance of water facilities for protection against the harmful effects of water and hydro-melioration facilities
  • Organization and implementation of flood defenses
  • Drainage of excess water and organization of defenses against inland waters in the land improvement area
  • Civil engineering services

Export markets: New product- wooden facade covering, which will be intended for export as well. A natural, eco-friendly material, designer product, a great insulation with high wear resistance.
It is made from selected quality wood that goes through a thermal processing phase (wood spends a specific number of hours in a chamber at a temperature above 200 degrees Celsius). This process gives it a dark color and a strong resistance to all weather conditions over a longer period of time. The advantage of these coverings is that they are completely natural and ecological (there is no coating and application of any chemistry). It has a 30-year warranty during which time the only maintenance required is wiping and dust removal.

Standards and certifications: ISO 14001, 45001, 9001 and 50001

Vodoprivredno društvo Dunav ad Bačka Palanka
A: Trg bratstva jedinstva 21, 21400 Bačka Palanka
P: +381 21 7550 500
M: 066 807 4651
E: office@vddunav.rs