We are VRMECO, a research and development startup specialized in VR simulators. We developed a new astronaut environment simulator with a goal of making space more accessible to people.

Space sickness is a kind of motion sickness that astronauts experience due to motion in space, but without a corresponding sense of bodily motion.

Our product helps astronauts to train for the extreme environment of space by creating a sensation of motion through VR and neurological principles that we’ve applied.

Products: VRMECO VR Chair
Production capacities: Small manufacturing line
Export markets: Global
Standards and certifications: Production documentation verified by the Engineering Chamber of Serbia. Patented WO2019139495A1 .

A: Raje Stepanovića 45, 11400 Mladenovac, Serbia
P: +381 11 39 86 873
M: +381 65 37 70 000
E: office@vrmeco.com