We Boo Natural

We Boo Company is the founder of the brand “Baby Boo”, natural and organic products for babies and children. With the competence of our team of experts and technologists, we have come to the establishment of currently six products. This was preceded by detailed research and was done in accordance with an innovative and modern approach in the production process. Our products are 98% natural and organic with certified ingredients strictly following EU standards and are dermatologically tested. Baby Boo products are free of sulfates, dyes, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, silicone, mineral oils and allergens. From the very start our approach for our products was different, not only in terms of the highest quality and carefully selected ingredients, but also in terms of production. The production process takes place in the Menta Padej factory with a large production capacity, which meets and respects all standards and guidelines of GMP (good manufacturing) and GHP (good hygiene practices). Our strategy for this year is to establish further our brand, place new products and expand the market outside of Serbia.

Products/Services: Production and sale of cosmetics and hygiene products

Production capacities: We have factory production capacity

Export markets: The products are placed only in Serbia, and this year we plan to expand to other markets.

Standards and certifications: Certificate of product analysis; ISO  9001; ISO 14001

We Boo Natural
A: Strahinjica Bana 68/1, 11158 Belgrade
M: +381 63 24 60 61 ǀ  +381 69 20 12 045
E: weboo.portal@gmail.com