Wellgen d.o.o. Belgrade is a young company, established in January 2021, with a mission to enhance access of clients in Serbia to services related to preventive healthcare and improvement of individual health and lifestyle, but based on previous reliable genetic testing and individualized recommendations.

Portfolio: To meet our mission goals and demands, we have developed holistic concept, that includes at first genetic testing in relevant field of individual health risks, but also personalized services in the field of nutrition, fitness and life-couching, targeting risks determined by the genetic test results.

Studies have shown that DNA-based advice can actually increase motivation and enhance compliance compared to population-based recommendations, so in order to provide our clients with the most reliable genetic testing services, we have established partnership with 2 certified laboratories in Austria and Germany, with high laboratory capacities, advanced technologies, and a large team of experts in the field of genetic testing. We are also developing cooperation with one of the biggest private healthcare center within Serbia, in order to cover a wide range of preventive health aspects in the best interest of our clients, as well as with several clinics, private practices, sports clubs and nutrition center

At the moment we offer comprehensive genetic tests for Health, Nutrition, Wellness, Athletic Performance and Beauty. Results of tests provides all relevant information on how genetic predisposition impacts specific client’s issues and risks (e.g weight loss & body composition, nutrient metabolism, heart health, performance, fertility, food intolerance, eating habits etc.), but also important recommendations for risk management and optimal lifestyle settings.

Based on the test results, we provide our clients with professional support in establishing optimal diet regime, training mode and optimal lifestyle habits. Our in-house capacities include Reformer Pilates training, EMS training, IR sauna and Pressotherapy treatments, Supplements program and life- couching sessions.

Export markets: Balkans (Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

A: Trešnjinog cveta 1b/20, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 63 403 494
E: office@wellgen.rs