White Lemur

White Lemur is a specialized design company working in the sustainability and circular economy sector. White Lemur’s project SOMA has been founded to develop and commercialize innovative biotic materials, biomaterials and pharmaceuticals based on circular economy.


  • Biosporin – Biodegradable substitute for expanded polystyrene
  • Imunin – Range of health products (tea and capsules) based on medicinal mushrooms
  • Gourmet and Medicinal mushrooms (G. Lucidum, T. Versicolor, Hericeum, Pleurotus, Agrocybe, etc.)
  • Chitin and Chitosan – Vegetally derived multipurpose biomaterials

Production capacities:

  • Biosporin – 10 tons per year
  • Imunin tea – 10.000+ units per year
  • Imunin capsules 3000 units per year
  • Gourmet and Medicinal mushrooms – 3000kg+ per year
  • Mushroom derived chitin and chitosan up to 100kg per year

Export markets: Switzerland, Russia
Standards and certifications: HACCP, Circular Economy

Majke Angeline 10, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
M: +381 65 69 38 903
E: info@soma.eco