Wingmen Waters

Wingmen Waters together with sister company Aquaduct is dealing with irrigation, starting from survey, design procedure, consultancy for operation and maintenance as well as fertigation and new era anti-frost protection. Our clients are mostly in Balkan region, but we are open for worldwide cooperation. We can respond to every request, starting from consulting, supervision of project and continuing with design as well choosing best world equipment, tailored just for your project. We are engineering company, we don’t represent any big house, so you can be safe with our solution since it will be in according to all standards with optimal price/quality. Our well trained team with more than 50 years of experience in irrigation is ready to jump and go on field, check data and surrounding and in short time to suggest solution, list of materials as well prices and final offer. We are following new world technologies and always improving and studying, checking major world exhibitions and staying in touch with colleagues around the globe. We are especially proud knowing that all irrigations systems that we designed, are still in work without any problem all these years.


  1. Designing the irrigational system
  2. Technical project documentation
  3. Getting the licenses

We make every part of the project – technical documentation in accordance with the Law on planning and construction and the Rulebook on the Procedure for the Implementation of the Integrated Procedure electronically:

  • Conceptual solution IDR
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • The project for a building permit PGD
  • The project for executing the object PZI
  • The project for the executed object PIO
  1. The maintenance of the irrigational systems
  • Regular monitoring and maintaining of the main system control (pump, filters, water gauges, hydraulic vents, fertigators)
  • Rinsing of all the pipelines and laterals
  • Chemical treatment of the entire system
  • Regular maintenance of the vents systems (cleaning and oiling)

Export markets: EU, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Standards and certifications: ISO/TC 23/SC 18, SO/PC 253

Wingmen Waters
Dunavska 76-78, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381 11 27 61 769
M: +381 62 30 69 37