Zesium Mobile

Zesium Mobile is a software consultancy and development company with 17+ years of experience in solving business challenges by developing efficient and innovative software solutions for partners around the globe. With a technology partnership model and 40+ employees covering full technology stack from safe data handling, business logic, 3th party interface connections, machine learning to the end-user experience, the company offers development services for custom-made solutions.


  • Innovation Lab – For partners who lack in-house technical expertise, Zesium offers the team and services of business analysts and technology experts in the R&D and deployment of an optimal solution.
  • Startup Hub – For the projects with only business ideas, Zesium offers the team covering the complete consulting and development cycle up to access to investments.
  • Team As A Service – For partners with a lack of development capacities, Zesium offers a development team with the technical and management expertise and skills.

Industry & Experience:
Smart City & Logistic, Manufacturing & services, Health care, Fintech, Social network market & trading
Production capacities:  30+ internal &  10+ external developers
Export markets: Scandinavia, Western Europe, USA
Standards and certifications: Agile software development practice (Scrum & Kanban)

A: Mičurinova 8, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia
P: +381 21 27 02 280
M: +381 63 70 23 458
E: info_ns@zesium.com